David Chick

Chief City Planner

Wellington City Council


David is the new Chief City Planner for Wellington City Council, recently arrived from Australia.  His directorate is responsible for much of the design, look, feel and function of Wellington.


David Chick is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer with significant experience in the design of spaces and places for the future challenges that cities face and with people at the heart of these designs. 


David’s interdisciplinary and holistic design experience, spanning almost 15 years, extends across all levels of public and private places, including Hobart, Brisbane, and most recently Adelaide, where the city has been reinventing itself through an engaging place-making approach.


David is already passionate about our coolest little capital and looks forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities ahead, especially the way we design and plan our city to respond to the shocks and stresses we face in a way that enhances and celebrates the very things that make Wellington great.


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